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 JUST THE BASICS PLEASE!                                  $27 per dozen
                             (Price includes one flavor and choice of frosting) 

FLAVORS: Chocolate ~ Vanilla  ~ Yellow Cake ~ Swirl  

FROSTING: Butter Cream ~Vanilla/Chocolate Whip Cream~Cream Cheese

SIMPLE BUT DELICIOUS!                                  $33 per dozen
                             (Price includes flavor,choice of frosting, and garnishes) 

FLAVORS: Chocolate ~ Vanilla ~Snicker Doodle~ Lemon~ Lime~ Spice ~ Brown Sugar   ~ Almond ~ Hazelnut ~ Berry Blast~ Peanut butter~ Swirl~ Chocolate Chip

FROSTING: Butter Cream ~ Cream Cheese ~ Vanilla/Chocolate Whip Cream ~Chocolate dipped (white, milk, dark) * There will be an extra $2 charge per dozen for chocolate 

 A LITTLE EXTRA!                                           $36 per dozen
                        (Price includes flavor, FILLING, choice of frosting, and granish)

FILLINGS:  Butter Cream (Various flavors available) ~  Berry (fresh when in season and compote) ~ Chocolate(white, milk, dark) ~ Marshmallow fluff ~ Peanut butter ~ Candy ~ Cream Cheese~ Whip Cream
  A LOT OF SOMETHING EXTRA!                         $40 per dozen   

Anything with alcohol: Options available for flavors of cakes, frosting, and chocolate fillings

       CUSTOM DECORATIONS: $10 per dozen for Cookie Toppers and $6 per dozen for Handmade (non edible) Toppers

 SEASONAL SPECIALS!                                          $38 per dozen

SPICED APPLE CARAMEL:  Spiced apple cake made with fresh apples, drizzled with home made caramel, salted butter cream and topped with more caramel and cinnamon

HOT CHOCOLATE: Milk chocolate cake filled with peppermint whip cream, whipped cream frosting and topped with cocoa and peppermint

ORANGE CRANBERRY: Orange cake baked with cranberries, dipped in white chocolate, topped with a dollop of vanilla butter cream and a sprinkle of nutmeg

GIGGLES OFFERS GLUTEN FREE AND VEGAN OPTIONS JUST ASK FOR FLAVORS* For Every 5 Dozen ordered receive 1 free (exclude cupcakes with alcohol* *Cupcake displays available with $25 deposit that will be refunded when returned*Free Delivery within Anchorage*
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